Today, we have zero (0) new cases. No previous cases have recovered. The number of current Active Cases remains at two (2).
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Government of Niue
23rd March 2023

The official website of COVID-19 information for Niue.


Our priority is to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 and to protect the health, social and economic wellbeing of the people in Niue.

Active Cases
Recovered (in the past 24 hours)
0 %
Vaccination Rate (12+)
New Cases (in the past 24 hours)
In Hospital
Total Recovered Cases (since March 2022)
0 %
Booster Rate (18+)

Statistics accurate as of:

23rd March 2023 – 3:30 PM
(Niue Time)

Total Cases (since March 2022)
The absolute number of positive cases of visitors and locals from each village since the first index case in March 2022. (Updated 09th March 2023)
Total number of COVID-19 Cases by month since the first index case in March 2022. (Updated 09th March 2023)

All Travellers must complete a Niue Traveller Declaration

Latest Travel Advisory Issued

Issued 9 February 2023

1. ALL travellers are required to complete the Niue Travellers Declaration Form and must receive a Travel Pass for entry into Niue. Failure to present a Travel Pass will result in denial
of entry into Niue.

2. Approval of a Travel Pass is subject to the following:
i. Evidence that he/she is legally allowed to travel to Niue;
ii. Evidence that he/she is fully vaccinated for COVID-19 in line with the vaccines
approved (Annex 1) or a Vaccine Certificate for International Travel;
iii. Evidence of health travel insurance that includes costs for a medical evacuation if he/she is a non-resident of Niue;

3. Exceptions are as follows:
i. Those under the ages of 16 years are not required to provide proof of vaccination
ii. Further exemptions may be granted on ‘exceptional circumstances only’, subject to the Immigration (COVID-19) Regulations 2023.

4. Niue’s Maritime Border opened on 1 October 2022. Entry requirements into Niue remain in place, including the need for a Travel Pass.

Everyone travelling to Niue by air must complete a declaration, and receive a Traveller Pass, before they travel. This includes Niuean citizens and residents, children and infants.