Is there anything we can do at home to be prepared should COVID make it into the community?

COVID-19 is circulating in the community and we strongly encourage the community to get ready for COVID-19. Most people will get mild or moderate illness from COVID-19 and could be managed at home. Here are some steps to prepare yourself and your family.

  • Have at least one week's worth of your regular medications and some paracetamol (pain relief) at home at all times. 
  • Other helpful items include throat lozenges, cough medicine, ice blocks, and vapour rubs.
  • Have a supply of masks and RATs at home.
  • Ensure good stocks of food, including tinned items, and have a plan for care of the animals. 
  • Have rubbish bags and cleaning products, such as bleach or janola or cleaning wipes, so positive cases can clean up after they use shared areas.
  • Talk to your family about which room in the house the case(s) could stay in to minimize contacts with the rest of the household.
  • Talk to your wider family and friends and think about who could bring you food, water and medications if you need them.
  • Ensure there is soap and water for regular hand washing.
  • Have a plan to keep in touch with friends and family virtually.
  • Protect vulnerable people and don't share COVID-19 with them.

What can we do to avoid COVID-19?

Even if you've had COVID-19 before, each COVID-19 infection increases the risk of serious illness, hospitalisation, and death. Additionally, each COVID-19 infection increases the risk of long COVID-19. The best protection is to avoid getting COVID-19 in the first place. This also protects our vulnerable family members. Here are some tips to protect yourself.

  1. Stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations.
  2. Wear well-fitted masks indoors when you are not at home.
  3. Socialize with others outdoors. If meeting indoors, open windows and doors to get fresh air in.
  4. Maintain physical distance from others when indoors.
  5. Regularly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces.
  6. Cover your coughs and sneezes, and regularly wash your hands.
  7. If you had an exposure or have symptoms, undertake a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT).
  8. If you have symptoms or are positive for COVID-19, isolate at home. Call the Health Department for further advice.

Should I go to the hospital if I think I have Covid?

No - Contact the hospital health team and they will advise you and your family of the next steps. Please do not leave the house and remain in your family bubble. Consider putting a note on your door so visitors do not enter your home.

If your symptoms are deteriorating you have other health concerns, call Niue Foou Hospital as soon as possible for further instructions. Do not wait until you are seriously ill, call the Hospital early!

Contact Niue Foou Hospital for further direction on +683 4100