Who is a Close Contact (Aeroplane)

You are a Close Contact (aeroplane) if you were sitting within 2 rows of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

The Public Health Unit will let you know you are a Close Contact.

What you need to do

If you are a Close Contact (aeroplane), you must:

  • isolate for 3 days
  • get a PCR on Day 3 (Thursday) at the Hospital
    Drive-Thru, wear a face mask when driving to the Hospital
  • on day 4 (Friday), you must take a Rapid
    Antigen Test (RAT) at home – report the result to the Public Health team
  • if the result of the PCR test on Thursday and
    the RAT on Friday are both negative, you can come out of isolation
    provisionally but continue wearing a mask
  • on day 5 (Saturday), you must do a final RAT.
    If that is also negative, you will be officially released from isolation
  • continue to monitor for symptoms and, if any
    develop, take a test straight away.

How to self-isolate

How to report your RAT

Email covid.results@gov.nu or report your result during your daily welfare check.

If you are travelling or on holiday

If you are travelling or on holiday in Niue, you may have to change your travel plans so you can complete your isolation period.

You are expected to meet any additional costs associated with extending your stay or booking alternative accommodation. Check your travel insurance policy to see if you are covered.

When you can leave isolation

You can leave isolation provisionally after a negative RAT result on day 4. You will get an official release from isolation after your RAT on day 5 is also negative.

If you test positive during your isolation period, you will need to isolate for 7 days from the earliest of either:

  • the day your symptoms started
  • the date you tested positive for COVID-19.

Advice if you have COVID-19

New Cases